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Refreshingly, obtaining an FHA loan tends to be easier than acquiring other types of loans. With FHA, the down payment is often quite low—only 3.5%—and the credit score requirements additionally tend to be less stringent. These types of loan types tend to work well for those who cannot afford a traditional down payment of 20% or for individuals who can’t get approved for private mortgage insurance.

At Dynamic Funding Solutions, our top priority is to serve our customers with the utmost timeliness, skill, and integrity. For Bucks County FHA Loans, we do our very best to secure the lowest interest rates and costs possible for each individual. We spend our time helping our customers overcome the barriers to securing the loans they need and feel better about their financial future.

FHA Loans in Bucks County

What is the FHA Loan?

The Federal Housing Administration insures FHA loans for approved lenders. This reduces the potential loss or risk if the borrower defaults on the loan.

The FHA program was created after the Great Depression in the ‘30s when a huge number of individuals defaulted on their loans or had their home foreclosed. The program stimulated the housing market by insuring mortgage lenders, making loans more accessible than they had been in the past.

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