Florida VA Loans

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has numerous programs for our veterans, service members, and eligible surviving spouses. One of the premier, long-standing programs is the VA home loan program. Under this program, the federal government insures loans issued by conventional, private mortgage lenders such as banks and mortgage companies.

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Applying for a VA mortgage loan in Florida is easy with Dynamic Funding. Whether you are an active servicemember or retired, our mortgage loan calculator can provide you with the best rates on a Florida VA mortgage.

VA Mortgage Loans

VA mortgage loans are known for having little to no down payment or mortgage insurance requirements. These costs are offset by the funding fee most applicants pay directly to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The amount of this one-time charge depends on a number of factors including how many VA loans you have received, whether you are active duty or retired, if you are National Gaurd or Reserve, and whether you have a down payment. To discuss your VA loan options, contact Dynamic Funding today. 

Why is a VA loan is the best mortgage around?

There are a number of features of a VA loan that make it so attractive to eligible applicants. Among the most-favored attributes are:


  • No downpayment required.  While some lenders may require a down payment in certain circumstances, the VA loan program does not require the applicant to make a down payment. 
  • Low interest rates.
  • Low closing costs.
  • Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) not required.
  • Benefit never expires. 

Top VA Loan FAQs

Does every applicant have to pay the VA funding fee?

No, while most applicants are required to pay the funding fee, those who are currently receiving VA disability payments or have been declared to be at least 10% disabled are exempt.


Are there maximum loan amounts for VA mortgage loans?

Yes, generally the VA loan program allows borrowers a loan up to $417,000. 


Are gifts from family members allowable for down payments?

Yes, the VA mortgage loan program allows a family member to gift the applicant money to be applied for a down payment. 


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Qualifying for a VA Mortgage Loan

The VA offers excellent qualifying standards. The VA does not use credit scoring in their analysis of the loan. Even if you have experienced some financial difficulties in your life that caused your scores to be low but have maintained a good payment record over the past year or so, you may qualify for a VA mortgage loan. This can be a tremendous savings compared to the cost of conventional loans when the borrower’s credit scores are low.

VA Mortgage Loans may be refinanced

VA mortgage loans have built in features allowing a loan to be refinanced to a lower interest rate without all of the criteria normally associated with a conventional loan. This is called an Interest Rate Reduction Loan; the veteran can secure a lower interest rate without any credit checks, appraisal, and income or asset verification and can roll the costs of the transaction into the loan so there are no out of pocket costs.